President Joe Biden names Jessica Rosenworcel acting FCC chair

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President Joe Biden names Jessica Rosenworcel acting FCC chair

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  1. TheFirstBardo says

    Do no other pictures exist of this woman that they had to choose the one in the article?

  2. TheMarilith says

    So long Ajit, you ass of a human.

  3. disguisingpoem says

    Hopefully we see Net Neutrality, abolishment of data caps, and incentives for towns/cities/small businesses to build out their own broadband networks that are friendly for consumers.

    If anything, seeing all these people on the news using Zoom, WebEx, Skype and seeing some places with horrible connections in 2020 is embarrassing. Especially after the telcos took billions in tax payer money for rural broadband that they never delivered on.

  4. LazamairAMD says

    Net Neutrality?!?!?!

  5. mattlee661 says

    Somebody should get her a slightly larger coffee cup.

  6. titsbefree says

    Wait… is she related to the Guster drummer Brian? (I didnt read the article). Because I have strangely been on a Guster kick as of recently.

  7. FicklexPicklexTickle says

    And they were singing, bye bye Mr. Ashit Pie.

  8. shadowofpurple says

    welcome back net neutrality

  9. zombie32killah says

    Whoa! A non industry puppet who actually knows what they are doing?! Fucking crazy.

  10. Necroglobule says

    Now to restore Net Neutrality

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