‘We Are Going Into the Pain Cave’: Right-Wing Activists React to Biden’s Presidency

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‘We Are Going Into the Pain Cave’: Right-Wing Activists React to Biden’s Presidency

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  1. El-Catman says

    Go into the pain cave and stay there with your seditious bullshit

  2. Evil_phd says

    I wasn’t pleased when Trump was elected but I never thought of it as a weird BDSM punishment.

  3. blackapplesauce says

    So instead of safe spaces they have pain caves? Well ok then.. lol

  4. inmatarian says

    > pain cave

    They make lubes for that.

  5. Wh00ster says

    Sounds kinky

  6. ianrl337 says

    The pretty pretty pain cave?

  7. sivervipa says

    The republicans party have a few choices

    1. Realize that pandering to extremists is dangerous and that they need to take accountability for their lies and bad behavior.

    2. Double down and end up being a full on authoritarian party that doesn’t believe in democracy anymore.

    Unfortunately number 2 is dangerous for the entire country and will eventually lead to a decay of our nation.

  8. ShadowGeiste says

    The Traitors’ Cult hollowed out that “Pain Cave” for themselves.

  9. LostinSOA says

    What’s the safe word?

  10. OnwardToEnnui says

    *The right-wing Catholic Vote sent out a message shortly after Biden’s inaugural address: “In his inaugural address, President Biden spoke of the need for unity. He’s right, America is divided like never before. The cheap excuse offered by the media and the Left is to blame President Trump and his supporters. Yet anyone paying attention knows Joe Biden and the progressive Left have divided America based on race, gender, income, religion, and more for decades.”*


    I’ve heard this before and it boggles the mind every time.

  11. dremonearm says

    They want to go back to anti-science and wacko conspiracy fantasies instead of truth and competent governance?

  12. seaboard2 says

    Lin sounds like he is going over the edge. Does he have anyone to check on his health/get him help? He appears more un-tethered than usual :/

  13. ronm4c says

    They are worse than soccer players when it comes to playing victim.

  14. Casual_hex_ says

    That’s a hilarious new term for jail. Kudos to them, for coming up with that.

  15. jayfeather31 says

    Surely they could have come up with a better phrase than “pain cave”, right? That just sends off the wrong vibes…

    Tl;dr: Phrasing!

  16. Dmoney0117 says

    Are there other emotional geological features? Like the Anger Ravine or the Shame Precipice?

  17. DonnyMox says

    No, you’re going into the Cave Of Shame.

  18. DrEvyl666 says

    Suck it up, snowflake ❄ 🙄

  19. AxmxZ says

    Use more lube, idiots.

  20. ALessonInLust says

    You can go in, or we can throw you in. Im for either.

  21. jCervin says

    You are going alone.

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