Rep. Andrew Koenig, Critic of Pandemic Restrictions, Has COVID-19

Rep. Andrew Koenig, Critic of Pandemic Restrictions, Has COVID-19

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  • SupaSonicWhisper

    His “smile” is terrifying.

  • FluttershyisAGoddess

    Do we laugh?

  • Sybil_et_al

    >“It’s my choice if I want to risk getting COVID. No one is forcing anybody to stay home.”

    But, it’s ok to force people to work, not giving them the choice to risk COVID?

    Can you say tone deaf? *I knew that you could*.

  • zero-point_nrg

    And, sadly, he will recover fully, report his symptoms are mild or absent, then go on to perpetuate the misconception that Covid is less severe than the flu, and I will never get out of my home office because I live in this backwards ass state.

  • Pollo_Chico

    He smiles like an alien faking a smile at a human right before abduction.

  • erocuda

    So anyway, I’ve found that adding a couple tablespoons of peanut butter to chocolate chip cookie batter really helps the texture. Chunky and smooth are both good choices.

  • Lynx2k

    That smile is haunting.

  • ilCannolo

    And, judging from this photo, quite possibly gingivitis.

  • DrPurpleMan

    that thumbnail is creepy as fuck 😭

  • Watzamata-U

    How does someone with serial killer smile get elected to public office?

    My guess is the people voting feared being serial killed

  • VeraLumina

    Did no one ever suggest to him practicing his public smiling visage in the mirror?

  • Climbincook

    Dude is so greasy his teeth look like he drinks valvoline.

  • erinskull

    A truly shocking revelation.

  • fukton

    Hope you don’t die.

  • leafmeb

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes?

  • needlenozened

    That’s a shame

  • InsomniaticWanderer

    He looks like what a sociopath thinks happy people look like.

  • Van_Man_72_mb300

    This mf looks like batty from fern gully

  • sracer4095

    It’s cocaine as a person.

  • Aggressive_Ad3514

    He need a mask…that smile my god, it will haunt me for some time

  • Vroom_Broom

    All the best, Andy.
    All of it.

  • cutthroatlemming

    Stupid, ignorant Republicans.

  • Ionan89

    Coughs and Sprayers…that’s what you gotta worry about even moreso when you are against masks or wearing them properly

  • Reginald002

    Mr. Teflon

  • Stockpile_Tom_Remake

    It’s going to have to become a serious offense to not follow or have covid protocols.

    Liberties are not absolute and don’t extend to when lives are at risk

  • jmpaf20

    All I hope is that one way or another he is no longer capable of spreading it to others.

  • Pooploop5000

    May that robot wearing a human skin suit have a quick and speedy recovery, dirtbag.

  • b_Fox-O

    “Cocaine is a hell of a drug” -Andrew Koenig

  • hiltonhead-gameboss

    This will never stop being funny

  • deezpoonslayers

    Seems he’s a critic of teeth brushing too.

  • ZiggyKitty

    Ha they had to specify that it was his “official portrait”.

  • High-yote

    Also, convicted of not owning a toothbrush.

  • CauliflowerOk6989

    He’s slime.

  • avet22

    Enjoy the ride PoS

  • havohej_

    Looks like he’s also a critic and denier of the ADA and his dentist.

  • Scrillit

    Can’t tell if this picture was taken before or after he found out that he has covid