The next big political war: redistricting

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The next big political war: redistricting

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  1. dejavuamnesiac says

    Here’s an idea: Dems focus on actually helping the 99% in the next two years, they gain in the midterm elections, and get better control of local politics including redistricting

  2. TheLastDabSauce says

    This is going to be a hot – and probably controversial – take.

    Fox news has a bigger impact on the unfairness of our elections than gerrymandering. I think the impact is close between the two, but I think Fox is worse.

    I wish democrats would take efforts to limit or reduce their propaganda as seriously as they took gerrymandering efforts.

  3. Klope62 says

    Aka why we need a voting rights act asapy.

  4. BackAlleySurgeon says

    …do they not know they can just kill that on the federal level? Hell, I think they have to because there’s no way they’re winning in these courts.

    It’s the elections clause. The congress can change any state rule governing the manner of house elections.

    I suppose this could be about state legislative redistricting which I guess undermines my point.

  5. OnWingsofGerbels says

    Gerrymandering is a big part of how we get to this state of two alternative realities. Truth is one thing in a red district and the opposite in a blue district. A decade after they ratfucked this country with REDMAP, we get open Qanon believing people in Congress and open insurrection in our Capital. You can draw a straight line between REDMAP and our hopelessly divided country.

  6. FhannikClortle says

    Well tell the Democrats to stop ratfucking Maryland while you’re at it

    No doubt we’d still have more Dem reps than Republican reps if our districts were properly drawn, but the Democratic Party has all but completely eliminated Republican representation thanks to their blatant gerrymandering here

    District 3 looks like what happens when you throw a malnourished goose in a wood chipper and have three blind people try to put it back together

  7. The_Majestic_ says

    Look at the numbers when Trump isnt on the ballot they are in for a bad time and know it. Its why they went all in on this coup since that failed they will do every trick in the book to prevent people voting.

  8. mnorthwood13 says

    Michigan should be better

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