Trump Tried Pressuring DOJ Into Asking SCOTUS To Overturn Biden’s Victory

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Trump Tried Pressuring DOJ Into Asking SCOTUS To Overturn Biden’s Victory

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  1. Remedial_Icculus says

    Because he is a fucking criminal. The Senate is the last hope of holding this motherfucker accountable. If they don’t, he will pretend to run for the next 4 years and will demolish the Republican party and shit all over the consiltitution.

  2. mascaraforever says

    I know we don’t want the heat to die down but the longer the Senate waits to try the case the more damning shit like this will come out. There’s absolutely no telling what this mobster and his ilk have done that we don’t yet know about.

  3. SoggyFlakes4US says

    So why isn’t he in jail?

  4. logiclust says

    still wondering when trump will be taken into custody

  5. BJntheRV says

    Seems like this should be another article of impeachment

  6. dusty_relic says

    Because of course he did. trump left no stone unturned in his attempt to get re-elected, except of course being a good enough president to actually get re-elected.

  7. kram_02 says

    Everytime I see SCOTUS my mind immediately thinks scrotum. That is all.

  8. DameofCrones says

    Was anyone doubting this?

  9. -_-ioi-_- says

    He’s like a televangelist for politics.

  10. FunZookeepergame29 says

    So that’s what got Barr to quit. I was wondering what illegal thing the president asked him to do.

  11. artcook32945 says

    A”Desperate Man” will do “Desperate Things”! Trump’s need to win,and his fear of looking like a loser, is behind these actions. The State Legal Cases may bankrupt him and put him in jail. And, Federal Charges may be pending.

  12. AwkwrdPrtMskrt says

    The Supreme Court? The same SCotUS that shut down the Texas-led challenge?

  13. croatoan182 says

    How much do you wanna bet, “But they did it for Bush!” was part of the conversation?

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