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Tomi Lahren’s Post-Derek Chauvin Verdict Tweet is So Vile Twitter is Enraged

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There are very few reasons to cover Tomi Lahren. After all, giving someone coverage whose job it is to beg for coverage seems counterintuitive. We normally hold off. But sometimes she puts up a tweet that is both so typically Tomi, at a terrible time, it is worth covering, and so was the reaction.  Tonight, the tweet is horrific and the responses couldn’t be angrier.

Tomi’s tweet separates who “won” in America today, and then goes on to again bring up the rioting, looting… that’s been over-covered by the Right since last summer.

This is disgusting.

Okay, who is this “you” she speaks of? When we look at the criminal justice system we include everyone. If justice was done today – and it clearly was – why did she not say, “Now that justice was done today …” But the “you” expresses “black justice.”

Now, with regard to no looting, no harassing, no rioting, all that, we’d like to believe that there will be none of that, either. We assume so because we noticed a giant gap in coverage of this summer’s protests, with little coverage on the left, while Portland and Seattle seemed like the only stories covered on the Right.

The Right barely covered many protests held during the day, peaceful, ones held by some of the leaders of BLM, some mothers, and grandfathers, in a show of force reminiscent of King and all last summer we noted that no good protests happen after dark. We all know why they didn’t cover the many peaceful protests. It just served no purpose on the Right.

The left exploded in anger.

There were many that were much worse with respect to what they’d like done to Toni. There shouldn’t be hate tonight, “we” got justice.

Peace, y’all
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