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Trump Goes on Fox to Be the COVID Hero and It’s Nothing But Gross, Offensive, and Infuriating Lies

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Is there anyone with less credibility when it comes to COVID than Donald Trump? It is a serious question because we doubt that there is anyone on this earth who got better information, better recommendations, and then proceeded to ignore them all. He recommended bleach before masks.

Now Trump wants you to believe he did a fantastic job as president even though 400,000 people died on his watch before he left office (more than the total number of servicemen who died in WWII) and most of the rest who passed away did so in that six to eight week period after he left office. It is not an overstatement to say that Trump may be directly or indirectly responsible for more U.S. deaths than any president outside the Civil War, a war to end slavery, one that nearly ripped the country apart.

Trump went on Fox this morning to explain the fantastic job he did with COVID and Maria Bartiromo simply nodded along:

When I was president, you didn’t have this problem with people not wanting to take it. They don’t take it because they don’t trust Biden and they don’t trust the Biden administration. When I was president, you didn’t have people protesting the vaccine.”

The first part is correct, the second part is “dead” wrong. When the vaccines first came out they were given to medical personnel and the elderly. Then people most enthusiastic about getting vaccinated lined up behind them, no one turned the vaccine down. Biden almost doubled his initial goals (Trump left that part out). Only now is there a large anti-vax crowd and it’s the same anti-mask, anti-science, crowd. So if Trump called out for every one of them to take the vaccine, they might. But Trump loves blaming Biden.

“He’s now president and he’s doing a lousy job with coronavirus. Coronavirus is back. If that ever happened to me where it came back, ok, when I left it was virtually gone. It was over. Now it’s coming back through the delta [variant] and I don’t know if you even want to call it that. All you call it is the China virus.”

When Trump left office the virus was at its peak (before now) and no one had heard of the delta variant. Can one imagine if the delta variant was around last summer. You would be better to call it COVID 21 than call it “the China virus.” The delta variant began in India and quickly spread to Great Britain. It is a bald-faced lie.

As to the booster shots:

That sounds to me like a money-making operation from Pfizer. Think of the money involved. A booster shot, that’s tens of billions of dollars. How good of business is that? If you’re a businessman, you say, ‘You know what? Let’s give them another shot.

You stupid-a** mother fffff!!!!! This is infuriating. He is once again going to get people k*lled. It was most certainly NOT a “business decision,” it was one driven by science. Pfizer has more than enough vaccine to sell (most of it has already been purchased, at least by the U.S. government. Is Moderna now all bummed out because their vaccine got lucky and covered the delta variant better?

This man is just as outrageous as ever and he deserves coverage because this is why this country cannot open up! He is causing his own people to doubt everything and he’s doing it for one reason alone; He likes that the anti-vax people are dragging the country down while Biden is in office.

What an ugly human being. It is almost enough to wish that the delta variant had hit someone in October a little harder. We don’t wish death on anyone but it would have been “interesting” to see if he had conquered it himself.

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