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Michael Moore Praises Biden’s Withdrawal from Afghanistan

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Longtime antiwar activist and filmmaker Michael Moore appeared on The Beat Tuesday to look back on 20 years of war in Afghanistan, which ended on Monday.

“No points for being right, really,” a somber Moore told MSNBC’s Ari Melber. “Because if anything I feel like, what could I have done better 20 years ago or 18 years ago when we invaded Iraq to communicate to the public that we were making a horrific mistake that would cost us thousands of Americans lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghan lives?”

He added, “There’s no celebration today.”

Moore said despite the fact that he voted for Bernie Sanders in his state’s primary, he’s nonetheless “proud” of President Joe Biden for refusing to bow to pressure to stay in Afghanistan longer.

“I have been completely surprised and feeling that we’re all blessed to have Joe Biden in the White House in these last months,” said the filmmaker. “Not just in standing bravely and never walking it back like a politician and especially a Democratic politician would. They would get afraid of the Republicans and the right wing telling them that he was a coward and withdrawing from Afghanistan.”

Moore accused Democrats of having “a history of walking things back” on foreign policy.

“He wouldn’t walk it back,” said Moore. “He just said, ‘No, this is wrong. I promised you when I ran for office, I’m pulling those troops out. This war has gone on way too long.’ And that’s exactly what he did. A politician kept his word.”

Moore said the evacuations from Afghanistan got “crazy” but, citing the evacuation of Allied Forces from Dunkirk in 1940, he said such evacuations are inevitably chaotic.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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