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Tucker Carlson Hits Lindsey Graham Before Hannity Interview

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For the second week in a row, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took shots at Senator Lindsey Graham before the senator appeared with Sean Hannity the same night.

Before the last segment of his show, Carlson went out of his way to bring up the South Carolina Republican as he talked about Afghanistan:

For 20 years the foreign policy establishment and its many lickspittles in Congress have assured us that everything was fine. We’re building democracy. We’re doing a great job. That’s what our trillions were buying. What do those people have to say now” What does Lindsey Graham have to say about that? At some point when we get a little time in the next week, we’re going to put together a montage of Lindsey Graham talking about how great Afghanistan is for the last 20 years and ask him did you believe it when you said this.

Carlson added, “He’s always welcome on the show to explain. Maybe he’ll come.”

30 minutes later Graham was on with Hannity slamming President Joe Biden over Afghanistan.

He told Hannity the Biden administration has been “lying through their teeth” about Afghanistan, and said the president himself is lying for saying “he was locked into getting out because of the Trump plan.”

Hannity asked Graham about his comments calling for impeachment. The senator said, “I think it’s dereliction of duty.”

Carlson similarly went after Graham last week before tossing to Hannity, who spoke with Graham a half hour later.

On Tuesday night, Carlson’s show even made a point of tweeting the clip of him slamming Graham.

You can watch Carlson’s comments and Hannity’s segment with Graham above, via Fox News.

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