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Tucker Carlson on Afghan Refugees: ‘Operation Change America Forever’

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Tucker Carlson opened his show by calling into question the United States bringing in thousands of Afghan refugees after their country was retaken by the Taliban.

Carlson noted that there are at least 100 Americans who remain stranded in Afghanistan, including two dozen students from a school in California. “No one’s certain where they are, or how they are going to get home,” he said.

In the final two weeks of the U.S. presence in Afghanistan, more than 123,000 civilians were evacuated from Hamid Karzai International Airport amid a chaotic situation whereby the airport was surrounded by Taliban forces.

The Fox News host said the Biden administration “didn’t seem to encounter any problems doing this,” and suggested that this was by design:

What’s so interesting – the contrast that informs this really – is that over the past week get this same administration has overseen the evacuation of tens of thousands of unvetted Afghan nationals, many of whom will now be moved into neighborhoods around the United States and stay permanently. They didn’t seem to encounter any problems in doing this. Thanks to meticulous and thoughtful planning, Operation Change America Forever came off precisely according to plan. It worked flawlessly. But a couple of dozen American schoolkids trapped in Afghanistan? The White House isn’t really interested in what happens to them.

Carlson then panned President Joe Biden’s address to the nation earlier in the day, during which the president said the evacuation had been a “success,” and said, “No nation, no nation has ever done anything like it in all of history.”

Carlson mocked Biden’s assessment.

“So no nation in history has ever done anything like this,” he said. “Yeah, possible. But he didn’t mean it like that. He’s telling us this was the Berlin airlift, plus D-Day, plus the moonshot, plus the invention of yoga pants. This was a triumph of American brilliance and ingenuity and will. Fifty years from now, your grandchildren will celebrate Fall of Kabul Day with tears of pride in their eyes. ‘My ancestors did that, they’ll think.’”

Watch above via Fox News.

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