bitchy | Duchess Kate ‘intentionally’ paid homage to Diana at the James Bond premiere


Are we still talking about the Duchess of Cambridge’s appearance at the No Time To Keen premiere? I guess so. Kate will be “dining out” on that for months, probably. All of her favorite royal commentators will cite Kate’s gold dress as “the moment” she became the keenest, hardest working royal woman ever. Nevermind that even Kate’s biggest defenders say that she’s just copying Meghan and competing with the sister-in-law who lives rent-free in her head. Speaking of, Us Weekly has a story which is supposed to be about how Kate was simply homage-ing Diana, I guess because it’s less creepy to cosplay your dead mother-in-law than your sister-in-law. This Us Weekly story is actually pretty funny:

Kate intended to cosplay Diana: The duchess, in particular, seemingly paid tribute to her late mother-in-law by wearing a gown resembling one Princess Diana wore in 1985. And now, Us Weekly has new details that confirm her similar-looking ensemble was, in fact, intentional.

Her Bond Girl moment: “Kate had her own Bond girl moment at the No Time to Die premiere,” a source close to the duchess star tells Us Weekly. “She oozed confidence and old school Hollywood glamor. William was in awe of Kate as she led the way down the red carpet, interacting with fans and Charles and Camilla – giving a sense of unity and showing the world that the royal family is still thriving. She dazzled in the Jenny Packham gown and made front page news and headlines all over the world because every one was talking about how amazing she looked.”

Why she homages Diana: “Kate admired Diana’s taste in fashion before William came into her life,” the source continued. “During her school days she’d tell friends that Diana was her style icon. It would be wrong to say that Kate is trying top Diana as the royal family’s best dressed. A more accurate description is that she is taking inspiration from the late Princess and wanted to pay homage to on the night of the No Time to Die premiere by channeling the dress Diana wore at the View To A Kill premiere.”

[From Us Weekly]

First of all, William was NOT “in awe of Kate as she led the way down the red carpet.” He barely looked at her as she stared at him and their body language was incredibly awkward. I don’t even think it was a case of “they had a big fight on the way over.” As depressing as it is, I don’t believe William even pays attention to Kate at all at this point. He just ignores her completely. She’s white noise to him.

As for the stuff about the Diana homage… obviously, Kate has been doing her (creepy) Diana homages for years. This one was fine with me because she didn’t look for an exact copy of Diana’s dress and she changed up her styling enough to make the look her “own.” And how could Kate ever top Diana’s style when Kate is merely a pale, button-covered, lazy imitation? I don’t even believe this Diana-homage thing is solely Kate’s fixation, I think a huge part of it is Carole Middleton’s obsession with Diana.

No Time to Die Premiere

No Time To Die World Premiere Red Carpet Arrivals at Royal Albert Hall, London

World Premiere of No Time To Die on Tuesday 28 September 2021

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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