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Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica” was one of the most highly anticipated album eras of 2020. After years of slipping in to different genres, Gaga had made her triumphant return to electronic dance music, a move that her Little Monsters had been pining for since her controversial third album, “ARTPOP”. From its start, the album cycle faced many setbacks, including multiple songs leaking online and a postponed release date due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, a year after the album’s release, fans have begun to wonder: Is the “Chromatica” era over?


After a busy couple of months living in Rome shooting her new film, “House of Gucci”, fans have begun to wonder if Gaga will pick back up on promoting the album, in time for its one year anniversary. Looking back on the album a year after its release, many can’t help but wonder how an era that had started out so promising could possibly conclude with so much uncertainty. The album itself, which has been coined as one of Gaga’s strongest, had everything an artist would want for a successful era: eye-catching visuals, high-profile collaborations, and strong album sales. So, have fans really seen the last of “Chromatica”? And if not, what could be next?


The era launched in early 2020 when Lady Gaga released the lead single, “Stupid Love”. The song had been long known throughout her fan base after leaking the month prior. The then-unreleased track had made its rounds throughout stan twitter and Reddit, eventually making its way to a series of nightclubs and fashion shows before billboards were mounted in Los Angeles signaling its official release. After years of false starts, heavy rumors, and desperate fans, Little Monsters rejoiced at the long-awaited return of the disco-pop-infused Mother Monster.

After the official announcement that “Chromatica” was to be released April 10, 2020, excitement continued to grow throughout Gaga’s fanbase. As promotion began to pick up, hype generated surrounding the album. However, on March 24, the inevitable happened. Lady Gaga announced that she was planning on postponing the release of “Chromatica” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With this also came the cancellation of many of the promotional aspects of the era, including Gaga performing a surprise set from the album at the Coachella music festival. While it was the right call for Gaga to set her focus on projects that instead help the world during this health crisis, fans were left wondering when they would return to the world of “Chromatica”.

Leading up the album’s new May 29 release date, excitement built through makeshift promotional materials. While current circumstances prevented what was rumored to be one of the best promotional campaigns in years, Gaga still had fun with “The Chromatica Weather Girls” videos with Ariana Grande, Chromatica thongs, new billboards, and more leading up to the album’s long-awaited arrival on May 29.

The release of “Chromatica” was met with critical acclaim, making it her highest rated album and Variety calling it her “best yet”. However, since the release, promotion surrounding the album has been touch-and-go. After a few necessary breaks for Gaga to advocate for important events, such as the Black Lives Matter movement and the 2020 US election, Gaga’s acknowledgment of “Chromatica” has been limited. Although fans have enjoyed some highpoints, including her “triconic” takeover at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards and the short film for “911”, even the viral “Chromatica Oreos” have left Little Monsters hungry for more content.

With Gaga gearing up to promote her new film, “House of Gucci”, later this year, a rumored “Born This Way” anniversary song collection, and the a “Cheek to Cheek” followup with Tony Bennett seemingly getting closer, fans have begun to give up hope on anything “Chromatica”-related. So, what could Gaga do now, a year since the album’s release? There definitely seem to be some possibilities.


“Chromatica” Remix Album

Back in April, the album’s producer, Bloodpop, tweeted about the possibility of a “Chromatica” remix album. Since then, he’s sent out multiple cryptic tweets about who may be featured on the album. Charli XCX has shared with fans that she’s begun to work on a “911” remix. Additionally, Rina Sawayama has revealed that she’s recorded her part for the album, hinting at a new version of “Free Woman”. Artists such as Bree Runway, ShyGirl, Arca, and more have also been seemingly involved with the new album’s creation. Bloodpop has also mentioned the inclusion of the “Haus Labs Remix” of the album’s closer, “Babylon”, along with other unreleased tracks that he had teased in interviews over the summer. New “Chromatica” tracks would open up even more possibilities for new singles and music videos, giving the era more material to carry on with. Rumors have swirled that a July release date could be possible, breathing new life for the album’s hype to live on through the summer.

“The Chromatica Ball”

After being postponed last summer, the Chromatica Ball is currently scheduled for it’s six show run later this summer. While vaccination numbers in the US are providing more hope that outdoor concerts will be able to resume later this summer, the scheduled dates in Paris, London, and Toronto seem unlikely. In the case of a cancellation or another postponement, one of the most talked about suggestions have been a virtual concert to celebrate the album, in which Gaga would live-stream a full performance to transport her fans to the world of “Chromatica”, giving the album a proper sendoff before moving on to other endeavors. While nothing can beat an in-person concert, a “Chromatica” live-stream may seem much more likely and safe to happen for the time being.

“Sour Candy” Music Video

A music video for the BLACKPINK collaboration, “Sour Candy”, has been heavily rumored in recent months. Reports initially surfaced back in November that Gaga had filmed a visual for the song, with potential December or January releases being thrown around. Gaga herself even added fuel to the fire by captioning a selfie with lyrics from the song. Since its release in May, many fans have been confident that “Sour Candy” would be a successful single, predicting that Little Monsters and Blinks joining forces would result in impressively high streaming numbers. While its been a while since any information regarding the alleged video has surfaced, Little Monsters still have hope that a “Sour Candy” video could continue the era’s streak of stunning visuals.

“Chromatica TV”

In celebration of the release of “Rain On Me”, featuring Ariana Grande, the pair shared two videos as the “Chromatica Weather Girls”, giving fans a first look at a possible “Chromatica TV”. The logo appeared at the end of both videos, and technologically-savvy Little Monsters were able to find coding for a “Chromatica TV” website, which was capable of releasing exclusive videos, live performances, and new music. While there hasn’t been any word on the website launch since then, the possibilities for “Chromatica TV” are endless, and with Gaga always coming up with unique ideas to carry out her album concepts, “Chromatica TV” would give her a platform to carryout countless “Chromatica”-themed ideas to keep Little Monsters satisfied.

“Chromatica” Short Film
Leading up to the album’s release, Gaga posted a slew of photos to her Instagram, all from the initial “Chromatica” photoshoot. While these photos may have only been for a photoshoot, fans could not help but note how fitting the visuals would be for a new “Chromatica” short film, preferably containing multiple album tracks. A “mini movie” had been spoken about as something Gaga had planned before the pandemic and these photos only confirmed that the visuals from this photoshoot would have perfectly accompanied tracks like “Alice”, “Enigma”, and “Babylon” to bring fans even further into the “Chromatica” universe.

While what had come out of Chromatica was arguably some of Gaga’s best work in years, an era that once had impressive potential has now left fans wanting more. Now one year out, should Little Monsters keep waiting? Or should they just start to wait for Gaga’s next project?

Whatever may be next, Little Monsters can rest assured knowing that Lady Gaga will always find a new artistic venture that will enthrall her fans once more. Whether it be more “Chromatica” content or new material all together, Lady Gaga will continue continuing to throw curveballs at her fans that will keep them on their toes for years to come.

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