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Ted Cruz Attempts to Attack Biden By Joking About Cancun


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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) apparently has no one on his payroll willing to tell him to stop tweeting dumb stuff. The Texas Senator’s latest 280-characters-or-less blunder came on Saturday as he attempted to attack President Joe Biden for going on vacation — by reminding people of the time he traveled to Cancun, Mexico during his state’s devastating freeze and power crisis back in February.

Cruz’s failed dunk was a retweet of a GOP tweet hitting Biden for “decid[ing] to go on vacation YET AGAIN” and accusing him of “running away from all the problems he has caused.”

“Cancun is lovely this time of year,” Cruz commented.

The President of the United States never actually goes on vacation while in office. Anywhere the commander-in-chief travels, whether to meet with another world leader or visit family, a large gang of staffers and advisers — including the military aide carrying the nuclear football — are following along.

So the GOP’s original tweet was a silly and petty insult, even more so when one considers how often former President Donald Trump went golfing as compared to Biden.

And then Cruz came in to make it all even dumber.

The February freeze killed over 200 Texans and left millions without power, causing massive economic disruption and just plain misery across large swaths of the state.

Cruz already tried to joke about Cancun at CPAC earlier this year; Mediaite’s Colby Hall excoriated him at that time as a “human tonsil stone” whose attempted joke was “both entirely predictable and remarkably unfunny.”

The joke didn’t get any funnier months later.

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