Donald Trump Reportedly Did Not Like the Way Melania Treated His Kids


Donald Trump’s kids probably didn’t like the way he treated them. How is it that Trump can complain about how someone else treat his kids?

Oh, yeah. Melania.

When it comes to “kids” Melania had a rather singular focus and, given Trump’s relationship with his kids, one can hardly blame her.

But Melania seemed to have a special sort of disdain for Trump’s first three kids, especially the one that was a woman, and we get it. Even from afar, we could tell that Trump considered those three his “real kids.”

We will never forget Trump going down to a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral and not bringing his young teen son. How does that happen?

So we cannot blame Mel for having an especially cold relationship with Trump’s first three kids. And we’re not surprised that Trump didn’t like the fact that they couldn’t get along.

Can we say that the relationship between Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump is frosty at best? Well, it depends on who you talk to, according to Stephanie Grisham’s new book, I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the Trump White House. The former press secretary and chief of staff for the couple reveals that Donald Trump was “in denial most of the time” when it came to his wife and oldest daughter getting along.

Um, they hated each other and we read it from source after source. Additionally, when the daughter-wife actually acts like the daughter wife, the real wife is going to get awfully angry.

Grisham, who wasn’t a big fan of Ivanka and revealed the White House staff and Melania called her “the Princess,” writes in an excerpt obtained by SheKnows, that Donald “never once indicated any awareness of tensions between Ivanka and Melania.” But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a point of contention in his marriage. “I did learn that every once in a while the president and First Lady would argue about the fact, as he put it to her, that ‘you don’t like my kids,’ ” she reveals in her memoir.

Other than Jared and Trump, did anyone like Ivanka? We’re asking. Trump showed a creepy creepy affection for Ivanka going back decades. We are highly critical of Melania but on this one, we cannot blame her in the least. The last thing a wife should fear is a possible… whatever, between her husband and daughter in law.

We are not surprised to hear about the tension.

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