Jared and Ivanka Reportedly ‘Thought They Were a Shadow President and First Lady’


More and more, Stephanie Grisham just keeps giving us more nuggets from her unique position inside the White House. Some of it is more important than others. But she noted something rather important below because it had direct impact on the country’s police and choices made coming out of the White House, especially those made by Jared Kushner, a man with little to know experience in any aspect in which he was given power to make the final decisision.

Grisham said this on the Today show, to the largest audience in television, as reported by Business Insider:

I believe that he and Ivanka kind of thought they were a shadow president and first lady,” she said…

…She said Kushner inserted himself into affairs that didn’t concern him and “would dive into these areas where I know he had absolutely no expertise and, you know, claim to save the day, and then he would leave.” 

In the federal government generally, and the White House in particular, decision-makers are supposed to be people with decades of experience, even if that experience goes directly against what you would want done.

Kushner had a unique relationship with Trump whereby he would be one of the last people to whom Trump spoke and thus in a powerful position to shape policy. Trump had a tendency to go with the position he heard last. Jared surely knew this. He didn’t know that he didn’t know a damned thing about the area in which he inserted himself, guaranteed to create chaos.

She said that he “got really heady with power,” would disappear with Ivanka Trump on vacation when conflicts arose, and probably did not leave the White House “the best version of himself.”

She also said she believed that both Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump were intelligent,  but that Ivanka was likely “the brains” behind the shadow president.

We can believe that rather easily. But Trump was so misogynistic that he likely didn’t care whether the final advice came from his daughter of Kush, the decision would be the same anyway. In our opinion, it’s likely that Jared would present the decision that the two of them had arrived at hours or days before.

It’s likely that Ivanka had veto power because, well, you know. But it sounds like they never disagreed. This is a terrifying revelation, though not at all surprising.

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