John Cusack Confronted by Barstool Sports’ White Sox Dave


The sports fan police were out in full force Sunday night in Chicago, prior to the White Sox Game 3 win over the Houston Astros, and actor John Cusack was outed for two-timing the city’s baseball teams.

White Sox Dave (Dave Williams) of Barstool Sports Chicago found Cusack outside of Guaranteed Rate Field and confronted the actor for being a bandwagoner.

“You’re on my banned bandwagon list,” Williams said as Cusack attempted to politely greet him with a fist bump.

Cusack has been seen rooting for the Cubs and the White Sox in the past. The actor’s defense is that he made a movie about the White Sox, Eight Men Out, which should allow him to break standard sports fan protocol and root for both franchises.

“I can like whoever I want,” Cusack said. “Who was their first baseman in 1983?”

After telling White Sox Dave the answer, “Mike Squires,” Cusack blasted the Barstool Sports blogger for not knowing the team’s first baseman from ’83. “That means you’re awful,” Cusack said. “It proves your ignorance.”

The argument ended cordially, with a fist bump and agreeing to disagree, but hours later the dispute was rekindled on Twitter.

There was a lot of name calling on social media, with Cusack slamming the Barstool blogger, claiming White Sox Dave is the one who should be banned. The actor further fed off of Patricia Arquette’s defense that you can root for whoever you want. Cusack continued his tear down of White Sox Dave, comparing him to Donald Trump Jr, labeling the Barstool talent as a “sweaty belligerent punk” and an “ignorant f*ck.”

Cusack previously made Williams’ “banned White Sox bandwagon list,” a group that includes former President Barack Obama and Dominos Pizza among more than 50 others.

Regardless of how knowledgeable you are about both teams, there are fanbases that just don’t welcome people who flip-flop. Mets-Yankees, Cubs-White Sox, Dodgers-Giants, die hard fans expect everyone to pick a side and stick with it for life. Cusack feels different.

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