MAGAs Proud and Boasting That They are Shutting Down Airlines Because Pilots Won’t Get Vaccinated


“Do not comply.” If there are three words that sum up the MAGA and Trump movement better, we’re unable to come up with them.

Do not comply with the fight against racism. Do not comply with a just and lawful border procedure with respect to refugees (Different than illegal immigrants). Do not comply with presidential and procedural norms. Do not comply with a more modern, pluralistic view of the world, in which the browning of America is seen as the next great migration to benefit this country. Do not comply with the loss of an election.

And now, do not comply with vaccinations, mandated by employers, school districts, hospitals, and encouraged by the government. Do not comply. Of course, meanwhile, when the unvaccinated get so sick that they end up in E.R.s and then ICUs, they damned well expect people to comply in meeting their traditional medical care without judgment.

So, the MAGAs started the day with their proud proclamation that they will not comply with mandates to get the vaccine.

Candace is one of those typically beautiful conservatives paid massive amounts of money to say atrociously ugly things, the type of woman the typical MAGA wants to watch, telling them what they want to hear.

And for the record, if she is referring to the Southwest flight cancellations, the airline said that has nothing to do with protests over the vaccines…just weather and air traffic control issues.

But this time, the liberals took over, and without any empathy at all. Traditional liberal empathy is long gone on this topic:

That might be one of the best political cartoons we’ve ever seen. It sure captures the essence of the attitude and altitude.

Sick and dark humor above but political cartoons have always had that element, it makes a much more powerful point.

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