Terry McAuliffe Refuses to Say Bush Won 2000 Election


Confronted on his claim that Republicans “stole” the 2000 election, Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe refused to say on Sunday that George W. Bush won that election.

CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper and Dana Bash played a couple soundbites of McAuliffe falsely saying that Democratic nominee and former Vice President Al Gore won. A third soundbite of McAuliffe falsely claiming that Bush lost the 2004 election was also played.

“You’re being criticized for saying, well wait a minute, the Republicans are questioning election integrity when that’s exactly what you did multiple times in more than one election,” said co-host Dana Bash.

“First of all, the 2000 election went to the United States Supreme Court. The United States Supreme Court shut down the voting, overruled the Florida Supreme Court and stopped the counting of votes,” replied McAuliffe. “That is quite a difference from what you had in the Trump election where 33, 34 cases, whatever it was, was brought up. Republican judges dismissed them.”

“What happened in 2000 was so different,” said Bash. “In 2020, Joe Biden won full stop.”

“Fair and square,” said McAuliffe.

“But, I guess, going back to 2000, do you think the Republicans stole that election,” asked Bash.

“In 2000, I wish the United States Supreme Court had let them finish counting the votes,” responded McAuliffe, who went on to attack his Republican opponent.

Glenn Youngkin has run the entire campaign on election integrity. He says it is the single most important issue facing Virginia. No, I think healthcare, I think dealing with Covid, I think education is,” said McAuliffe. “And he just said two days ago that we ought to audit all of Virginia’s voting machines. Really? This is all the Trump talk. And I’m just surprised Trump hasn’t come to Virginia yet.”

“I mean, Glenn Youngkin has been in bed with him now since he started this campaign. He said five times he’s been endorsed, he’s honored,” he continued. “But he says he’s so much, after the nomination, so much of the reason I’m running is because of Donald Trump.”

McAuliffe concluded with this message: “Let me be clear, Virginians. I’m running for you.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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