Sunny Hostin, Sherri Shepard Bash Joe Biden on The View


Sunny Hostin and Sherri Shepard teamed up on The View to argue that President Joe Biden is being too silent and inactive when it comes to fighting for African American issues.

As The View spoke on Tuesday about Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s ban on Covid vaccine mandates throughout the state, Sunny Hostin turned the conversation toward Biden’s struggling poll numbers. Hostin defended Biden by citing the political situation he inherited from former President Donald Trump, though she and Sara Haines went back and forth over the public’s selectiveness in when to praise or criticize the president for the state of the country.

Shepherd, who was guest-hosting the show that day, got in on this by remarking that Biden got elected with a great deal of African American support.

“Biden came in with a lot of promises to us about what he was going to do,” Shepard said. “And a lot of African-Americans have seen other things happen and we have a lot of unfulfilled promises and I think what is happening is that it might make people in those midterms go ‘my vote doesn’t count.’”

Hostin said Shepard was “absolutely dead-on,” and she opined that Biden risks losing African American support.

“Biden, I think, is catering to the Independents. He thinks his infrastructure bill will get them all riled up but forgetting about the Voting Rights Act. He’s forgetting about the George Floyd Policing Act and those are things that are very important to the African-American community.

Shepard picked up the conversation again shortly after by lamenting that Biden is an “old traditionalist” who’s not nearly as active on social media as his predecessors.

If you’ve done stuff for us, for the black community, you got to tell us about it. Get on social media. Your response is too slow.

S.E. Cupp, who was also guest-hosting, agreed that Biden was being “too quiet.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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