Trump Just Released Full Blown Panic Attack Statement on New Select Committee Report


Earlier this week, the Senate (Trump still doesn’t know the difference) issued an interim report on their findings from the January 6th events. As Sheldon Whitehouse said on Meet the Press, there are significant concerns, follow the money, and look to Georgia.

Meanwhile, the House committee continues to do its work and the subpoenas it issued to Mark Meadows, Steve Bannon and Dan Scavino, among others, must be answered by Friday. It would seem Trump is more than a bit nervous giving this panic attack, written as an “Official Statement” from “your” former President, Donald J. Trump.

(Fully Tweet from Spokeswoman Liz Harrington, keeper of the Twitter account, below)

“The highly partisan Unselect Committee is just a sideshow to distract America from MASSIVE failures by Biden and the Democrats.

What happened to the Capitol would have never happened if the people in charge did their job….and looked at the intelligence. They abandoned the officers on the ground, just like Biden abandoned Americans in Afghanistan. Instead of holding bad leaders accountable, the Democrats are going after innocent staffers and attacking the Constitution.

First of all, you were the one that told us it was a “mostly” peaceful protest. Now it’s a massive failure?

And, dumbass, you were the Commander in Chief, you were the person in charge of both the DC National Guard, the FBI, and the Park Police. YOU were the one who “abandoned” officers on the ground, just like you abandoned the officers in Afghanistan by never pulling out and releasing 5,000 Taliban. Details, details.

How do you know who is innocent and who isn’t?

“Why is the just released bombshell January 6th whistleblower report being ignored by the mainstream media? Based on this high ranking Capitol Police official’s report, these partisan hearings must stop at once.

Say what now? What “bombshell?” Was it a dud?

“This is yet another continuation of the Radical Left’s Witch Hunt—led by Shifty Adam Schiff and his crew who misled America on RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, the “Perfect” Ukraine phone call, the Mueller report scam, and so much else.

Correct. You were guilty in all of those, and now you’re implicating yourself in this one, and it’s made obvious by the panic attack on computer screens and phones right in front of us.

“Now Shifty, who couldn’t get a job with the administration, is at it again. Radical Left Democrats are rapidly destroying America!”

Perhaps Adam Schiff didn’t ask for a job with the administration because he’s the point man in both investigating you and driving you insane.

A little testy over the new report are we? Perhaps a little scared that the subpoena deadlines are coming up in… what? Three days now, if we start counting on Tuesday?

Sounds like a man in a full panic attack. Good.

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