Blac Chyna Snaps at Airport Over COVID Vaccine: ‘Stop Being Stupid H*e’ [WATCH]


*Blac Chyna was filmed in Miami International Airport on Sunday evening acting erratically about the COVID-19 vaccine

As reported by TMZ, Chyna was approached by a fan wanting a photo, but the former stripper wanted to know her vaccination status.

“Go get checked out, it’s sad, and it really blows the f*ck outta me,” Blac Chyna, who is seen who is dressed like a cartoon character, says in the lip posted on social media. 

Watch the wild scene via the clip below.

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Blac Chyna is also heard shouting “Go get the shot! … The same thing that you have to do to enroll your kids [in school]. … This is why people’s grandparents is dying and shit. My grandmama been dead.”

She also yells at a passerby to “go get the fucking vaccine and stop being stupid hoe.”

Chyna previously bragged about getting vaccinated on Instagram Live, saying: “I’m really happy I did it,” she said. “I honestly want to keep everybody safe and keep my kids safe, is the most important part. … Everybody go get vaccinated, stay safe, stay healthy.”


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