It’s Because He’s White, Catholic and Conservative: Watch Charlie Kirk Lose His Mind Over Jon Gruden’s Firing


Last week, the Wall St. Journal revealed emails once sent by Jon Gruden. In the message, the now Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden wrote that NFLPA President DeMaurice Smith had lips the size of Michelin tires.

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Making that racist a statement was going to make it hard for Gruden to hold onto his job. Though he did, temporarily. Then last night, a deluge of sexist racist and homophobic emails sent by the coach were released. He lost his job within the hour.

Gruden’s emails were horrid and indefensible. That doesn’t mean, though, that Conservative media figures weren’t going to try. Charlie Kirk went on a bit of a tirade on Tuesday, claiming Gruden was fired because he’s white, Catholic and Conservative.

Kirk asked, “Every single person listening to this right now has said things and texted things and emailed things that could destroy your career, including the cancelers. But let’s get to the bottom line here. Why is Jon Gruden not offered forgiveness?”

The Conservative pundit continued, “The real reason why they had to get rid of Jon Gruden is because he’s a White, Catholic, conservative male who speaks out, and they know that that cannot be supported and offered forgiveness. That’s the real reason this happened.”

Watch a clip of the segment below:

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