Kim Klacik Ripped for False Picture Used to Slam Biden


Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Committee/Getty Images

Kim Klacik, a failed Republican candidate for Maryland’s 7th congressional district, is being pilloried on Twitter for posting a clearly false photo of empty shelves in an attempt to slam President Joe Biden

On Wednesday, Klacik posted a picture of empty grocery shelves with the caption, “A look at #BuildBack Better,” implying that the photo was taken recently and in the United States.

Twitter users were quick to note, however, that the prices in the picture used the symbol for the pound sterling, the currency of the United Kingdom.

Klacik deleted the post after people started to point out that the photograph very clearly had nothing to do with Biden or his Build Back Better agenda — but that didn’t stop pundits from coming after her on Twitter.

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