Peter Rosenberg Destroys Jon Gruden and Racism in America


Jon Gruden resigned from the Las Vegas Raiders after leaked emails showed him making racist, sexist and homophobic comments for nearly a decade.

While Gruden’s offensive comments are widely condemned in a public setting, New York radio host Peter Rosenberg highlights that there are too many people who still use the same hateful language with regularity.

“There are people who today – are reacting to this story over text message and in conversations with the exact same kind of language that Gruden got fired for,” Rosenberg alleged on The Michael Kay Show, which he co-hosts on ESPN Radio in New York.

“There are these rich racist guys looking at each other going ‘can you believe what happened to Gruden? Now you can’t even talk that way anymore!’ They’re angry about it!” the radio host continued. “They feel that it’s an attack on their way that you’re not allowed to be hateful.”

Gruden claimed he “doesn’t have a racist bone” in his body, as a desperate and tired self-defense that is often used when a person gets caught making an offensive remark. According to Rosenberg, frequent scandals like Gruden’s make it nearly impossible to give White people the benefit of the doubt about their prejudice.

“Stories like this are among the millions of reasons that I think it’s really hard for Black Americans to EVER trust White people. EVER!” Rosenberg explained to his co-hosts Michael Kay and Don La Greca.

“How could you trust anyone? These are the conversations that everyone believes White people have when they’re left to their own devices,” Rosenberg continued. “And you know why they think that? Because we see over and over again that it’s true!”

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