Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens Break Down Kamala Harris’ ‘Bizarre’ Space Video Where She Used Child Actors


It was reported today that the mainstream media networks ignored that child actors were used in the educational YouTube space video featuring Vice President Kamala Harris.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, however, addressed the video Monday night on his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and was joined by Candace Owens to break down the “bizarre” video.

In the beginning of the segment, Carlson noted that Harris is supposed to be the “border czar” but that she “doesn’t seem too interested in the job.”

Carlson then showed clips from the video, rather than the entire thing “for humanitarian reasons” and called it “the fakest thing that has ever been caught on video.”

After explaining that the children in the video had to audition for the roles, Carlson welcomed Owens to offer her input on it.

“You question yourself, has she ever been around children?” Owens wondered in regards to Harris.

Owens then asked, “Why is she speaking to 13-year-olds like this?… using expressions and using her hands” like she’s reading a children’s book.

“There’s nothing authentic about her at all… does she even want to be the vice president?” Owens questioned.

Carlson said he believes that “She’s so phony that her phoniness is an act of aggression aimed at her audience, she’s daring you to watch her without vomiting, she’s literally that phony.”

“She’s so unlikeable, it’s hard to think that they could ever put forth a woman that was more unlikable than Hillary Clinton but by God the Democrat party has done it,” Owens explained.

Owens continued, “I find her to be more unbearable and more unlikeable than Hillary Clinton somehow and it’s because, it’s the acting behind it, the phony laugh, it’s the cackling laugh.”

“Do we have people that are actually running our country? Or do we have actors?” Owens lamented.

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