Assad’s ‘Playboy’ Cousin Found Driving Ferrari in Beverly Hills


Ali Makhlouf spotted driving a Ferrari Spider in Beverly Hills

The “playboy” cousin of Syrian President Bashar Assad was seen driving a Ferrari in Beverly Hills, reported Vice on Tuesday.

According to the outlet, Ali Makhlouf was driving a Ferrari Spider, “worth more than $300,000,” and he and a “passenger, who appears to closely resemble an Israeli model from Tel Aviv,” were in a video that was posted on YouTube on Oct. 3 by Daniel Mac, who posts on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok asking luxury car owners what their occupation is. Makhlouf said he is an intern. He also said that the car was a rental.

Makhlouf’s father, Rami Makhlouf, one of Syria’s wealthiest men, is under U.S. sanctions.

According to Vice:

By 2020, Rami’s status as Bashar’s cousin and one of the richest men in Syria was no longer able to protect him from other members of Assad’s family, notably the president’s brother Maher and wife Asmaa, both of whom reportedly coveted his wealth as the Syrian economy continued to shrink after a decade of civil war.

In the video, Makhlouf appeared to be driving alongside an Israeli citizen in violation of Syrian law, which prohibits contact with any citizen of the “illegal Zionist enity to the south,” as Syria refers to Israel.

Makhlouf has a popular page on Instagram, with more than 200,000 followers.

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