bitchy | The Cambridges’s Generation Keenshot event ‘upstaged’ the Sussexes…??


So, I was wrong. I called the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s “Generation Earthshot” event “half-assed” yesterday because there were no photographers there to document William and Kate’s little entrance and tour through the Kew Gardens. To be fair, that part of the event did seem half-assed because only a handful of royal rota people were there, and the only documentation from the first part was via shaky iPhones and the like. Then William and Kate sat down with the kids and looked at their science projects. Real photographers documented that part of it and released the photos a few hours later.

Still, I’m consistently curious about how much or how little planning actually goes into these events which are not announced ahead of time. While people in Kensington Palace obviously put some time into organizing an event with children, science projects, the Mayor of London and an Olympian, surely these keen events should feel slicker, fancier, more organized? Perhaps the secret to unlocking the puzzle is through the coverage. The Daily Express’s headline: “Look away, Harry and Meghan! Kate and William upstage Sussexes with another ‘bold’ outing.” Yes. The Express points out that while Harry and Meghan’s “new ethical finance venture was met with enthusiasm from Sussex fans, they did not cement the project with a public appearance.” Therefore, the Sussexes’ announcement and interview in the NY Times was “upstaged” by Will and Kate’s half-assed Generation Keenshot event. LMAO.

Can you already feel Incandescent Baldingham getting peeved about all of this? I can. The Keenshot Prize Awards ceremony is happening on Sunday. Guess who the hype is about? Kate. Royal commentator Rachel Burchfield told Podcast Royal: “…When it comes to presenters, I am absolutely looking forward to hearing from the Duchess of Cambridge. I love it when she gets up and speaks in public and I love that she is intertwined in this and is a part of it. I think it’s obviously a passion project of Prince William and he’s put a lot of work into it. I’m absolutely looking forward to hearing what the Duchess of Cambridge has to say.” Kate is intertwined?? HOW? Another commentator said that Kate will “play a pretty major part in the awards ceremony.” Again, this is William’s thing. It’s his big keen embiggening project. And I suspect he’s already bored with it, and that’s why Kate has been tasked with bringing some environmental cosplay and buttons into the events.

The Cambridges visit Kew Gardens

The Cambridges visit Kew Gardens

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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