CNN’s Victor Blackwell, DNC’s Jaime Harrison Lock Horns


CNN’s Victor Blackwell had a contentious interview with Democratic National Committee chairman Jaime Harrison about whether it was a good idea for Democrats to keep campaigning on the platform of opposing former President Donald Trump.

Harrison spoke to Blackwell on Thursday to talk about the DNC’s level of confidence in Virginia and other states where they’ve been spending money to boost Democratic candidates. Harrison lauded Terry McAuliffe over his political record, but he also blasted McAuliffe’s Republican gubernatorial rival Glenn Youngkin, calling him “dangerous” and a “Trump acolyte.”

Blackwell acknowledged that Youngkin is facing a dilemma since he has flirted with Trump’s Big Lie about the 2020 Election while also trying to appeal to moderates. The CNN anchor turned to Harrison and asked, “if he is as much of a Trump acolyte as you say he is, why isn’t Terry McAuliffe walking away with this?”

“Less than a year ago, President [Joe] Biden beat former President Trump by ten points, the largest victory for a Democrat since 1944 in Virginia,” Blackwell said. “If he’s a Trump acolyte, this shouldn’t be a concern, should it?”

“You can’t take anything for granted in politics,” Harrison replied. After listing several criticisms of Youngkin, Harrison described the Republican as a Trump “mimic” who will carry out the ex-president’s attacks on the 2020 election’s legitimacy.

“Mr. Chairman, you have said Donald Trump more than you have said Glenn Youngkin, and Glenn Youngkin more than you have said Terry McAuliffe here,” Blackwell observed. He then began to question Harrison on whether Washington gridlock is weakening McAuliffe’s chances, and whether Democrats failed to live up to the promises they made.

“Why should they believe this promise when you didn’t come through on the other two?” He asked.

Harrison retorted by invoking the American Rescue Plan, but Blackwell countered “That’s one out of six. Is one out of six a record you want to take back to the voters in 2022?”

“It’s not one out of six,” Harrison responded, arguing for the significance of the bill.

“I get you want us to focus on the one bill you got passed,” Blackwell said, as Harrison retorted “It was one heck of a bill.”

The conversation went on with Blackwell grilling Harrison over several areas where Democrats have been slipping.
When the interview came to a close, Blackwell’s co-anchor Alisyn Camerota called it a “spicy” conversation between the two.

Watch above, via CNN.

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