[Full Show] Joe Rogan Destroys CNN’s COVID Coverage And Gets More Viewers While Doing It


From his smoke filled podcast studio, Joe Rogan destroyed CNN’s credibility on COVID-19, and most likely reached more people than CNN has in years.

Plus, new GOP shenanigans: You’re now a traitor to Trump if you don’t help Kevin McCarthy reelect anti-Trump RINOs, says the NRCC.

Watch today’s episode of National File TV on Odysee:

Short on time? See something you like? Check out today’s first segment on Rumble:

CNN ‘Health Expert’ Sanjay Gupa Gets Spanked On COVID By Joe Rogan

Or today’s second segment on Rumble: GOP Accuses Trump Supporters Of Being ‘Traitors’ If They Don’t Help Kevin McCarthy Reelect RINOs

Watch today’s full episode on Gab TV.

Watch today’s full episode on Rumble.

Watch today’s full episode on Banned.Video.

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