Lara Trump Slams Hunter Biden Profiting Off of Presidency


Lara Trump blasted Hunter Biden for allegedly profiting off of his father’s presidency during a Thursday morning appearance on Fox & Friends.

The controversial son of President Joe Biden has been selling artwork for five and six-figure sums, despite the fact that he has little experience, training, or standing in the art world. This has raised a reasonable set of ethical questions regarding his ties to the White House, which has taken pains to set up “safeguards” in an attempt to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

At issue in this Fox & Friends segment was White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki dismissing a question about Hunter Biden’s artwork being sold for $75,000, by saying the purchaser is still unknown, an answer which drew criticism from Obama-era US Government ethics Director Walter Shaub:

At the end of the segment, Ainsley Earhardt asked Ms. Trump “What if this were your husband, what if he were an artist trying to sell art while your father-in-law was in office, what be the reaction?”

“Well, I love my husband. He’s not the greatest artist but I would buy your paintings, honey,” she joked in reply. “The reality is, Ainsley, we know that people be going absolutely crazy about this, there be investigation after investigation. They would try to impeach my father-in-law over something like this, gosh, seems like any chance they got they did that while he was in office.”

“But you’ll never see that happen to Hunter Biden or the Biden family, because there is a very clear double standard, and at a certain point it’s not just about liking personality,” she continued. “It’s about the safety and security of the United States of America. We deserve answers, Jen Psaki. I hope she circles back to this one, Ainsley.”

Of course, the Trump family was infamous for its nepotism while Trump was in office.

His daughter Ivanka served as White House Senior Advisor and received trademark deals from Communist China while a trade war was ongoing. Sons Eric and Donald Trump, Jr. oversaw Trump’s businesses, including the Trump Hotel in Washington DC, where everyone from Secret Service to foreign dignitaries stayed.

There is a salient point to be made here about Hunter Biden, but it is laughable for Lara Trump to make it.

Watch above via Fox News.

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