Mike Lindell Now Claims to Have Found an 850 Year Old American Who Voted in the 2020 Election


Just about the time I think Mike Lindell can’t say anything nuttier he up and proves me wrong. He did it again last week and I wasn’t the only person to notice. Salon reporter Zachary Petrizzo noted on Twitter that the My Pillow founder and CEO is making increasingly more bizarre claims about election fraud, Raw Story reports.

Lindell is a frequent blip on Petrizzo’s journalistic radar and he noted Thursday that Lindell claimed he found someone that was 850 years old who voted in the 2020 presidential election. I thought perhaps this was a typo or something, but as you’ll find out momentarily, it’s not.

And that’s not even the half of it. Petrizzo even writes that Lindell claims that “he and his team have identified 2000 people over the age of 200 that voted.”

Now, I’m not saying that Lindell partakes in the Devil’s lettuce or anything because I have no idea whether he does or not but I sure have to wonder where he gets it if he does.

As you might expect, he didn’t mention the names of the remarkably life-like centuries-old dead people voted, nor did he mention the states they purportedly voted in. And his remark about the 850-year-old is even more ridiculous than it sounds because the U.S. wasn’t even the U.S. yet when this person was alive. I mean, to me this brings to mind that Jackie Chan GIF:

Now, Lindell has always been a few seeds short of a crop especially when it comes to his claims about reinstating his idol, former President Donald Trump, and of course, his costly foibles with Dominion Voting Systems. You really have to wonder how Lindell cooks up these cockamamie ideas. I don’t think anyone would praise him for razor-sharp critical-thinking skills. Unless of course, they were another Trump supporter or fellow QAnon fool.

I’ve provided Petrizzo’s tweets below as well as a few thoughts from the Twitterati below.

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