Neil deGrasse Tyson Throws Cold Water on UFO Videos


Wrapping up an interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson about William Shatner’s record breaking trip to space on Wednesday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked the astrophysicist about videos showing unidentified aerial phenomena that blew up the internet in May.

“Where do you stand on this?” asked Cooper.

“Well, it’s not a matter of stance,” replied Tyson. “I’ve said this before. Just look at — by the way, there are three billion smartphones in the world. And each one can take a high-resolution color video or still picture. And the best evidence we’re looking at is monochromatic fuzzy tic tacs on a Navy screen? That’s–really? We are crowd sourcing any visitor to Earth. I’m just looking for better data than that.”

“But I mean, the pilots,” said Cooper. “I interviewed one of the pilots. They seemed completely credible and the things they saw are crazy.”

“I’m not saying people aren’t credible, ok?!,” exclaimed Tyson. “As a scientist, you know what the criteria is? Are they human? That’s all that matters. If you’re human and you see something astonishing, sure. You hear them speak of it and they’re pilots and they’re used to seeing bogeys and yes, they’ll be astonished. That doesn’t mean they know what it is. Just because you don’t know what it is doesn’t mean you know what it is.”

“All right,” responded Cooper.

“By the way,” said Tyson, “I think when the aliens come, you don’t need fuzzy video to be pointing to. We’ll all know, ok? Just telling you.”

Watch above via CNN.

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