“The Abstract” Premiere: Dr. Willis & Marin County Covid Tyranny


by Peter A. Kirby, Activist Post:

Welcome to the premiere episode of The AbstractThe Abstract is a new vlog produced by me, the author of Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project and staff writer here at Activist Post, Peter Kirby. For this premiere episode, we will expose the corrupt, slimy government creatures behind the Covid tyranny in Marin County, CA – where I live. Behold as we deconstruct the malfeasance of our County Public Health Officer and others. Here it is:

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The Abstract will focus on local issues in the San Francisco Bay Area. Covid tyranny will be a recurring theme, but I plan to report on many different issues – even chemtrails. Future episodes of The Abstract will continue to be carefully crafted reports involving original material obtained in the field as well as material from less widely-distributed sources of information such as books and other archival documents.

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