The View Clashes Over Sanjay Gupta Speaking to Joe Rogan


The View held an engaging conversation as they debated about whether it was worth it for Dr. Sanjay Gupta to speak with Joe Rogan on the topic of Covid-19 vaccines.

The CNN chief medical correspondent made headlines this week when he spoke to Rogan on his podcast, where they engaged each other over Rogan’s vaccine skepticism, the Wuhan lab leak theory, and CNN’s coverage on Rogan’s brush with the coronavirus. When The View brought this up on Thursday, Joy Behar dismissively remarked about Gupta, “clearly he didn’t change Joe Rogan’s mind,” and questioned whether it did any good for the doctor to go on Rogan’s podcast.

Ana Navarro gave kudos to Gupta and Rogan for having a “civil conversation” instead of trying to start a fight for views. She argued that even if Gupta only convinced a fraction of Rogan’s audience to listen to him, it’s still worth reaching out to them when The Joe Rogan Experience is the biggest podcast on Spotify.

“I think it’s important to get insight on to what some of these people that we disagree with on the vaccines are thinking and why they are hesitant,” Navarro said.

Behar was clearly not convinced, responding “he’s so arrogant! This is what it is. Shut up.”

Guest host Sherri Shepherd agreed with Navarro’s arguments, saying “there’s a lot of people who feel the way Joe Rogan does,” which made the conversation with Gupta that much more important. Sunny Hostin, on the other hand, sided with Behar by saying she had “zero interest” in understanding the “Trump mind” or the “anti-vaccine mind.”

The conversation wound up carrying on to the next segment, where Behar invoked Howard Stern’s mockery for Rogan promoting ivermectin instead of Covid vaccines. Shepard responded to that by telling Behar “I don’t think saying ‘you’re an idiot’ is going to change a person’s mind.”

“You’re not trying to change Joe’s mind,” she went on, “but out of 200 million listening, there might be a mind changed.”

Sara Haines agreed, adding that “I think you need to have more conversations, not less. We right now run to our own echo chambers and we would rather have applause from preaching to our own choirs than moving the needle at all.”

It’s so important to go on there, not to convince Joe Rogan, and not have the intention of convincing anyone else. Provide the facts. Answer with science. Let people make up their own minds. That’s the problem in this day and age. We’re telling people how to feel. They will feel what they want. Give them enough information they make that decision and win on merit.

Watch above, via ABC.

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