WATCH: DeAnna Lorraine Says Her Family Has Rejected Her Over Conspiracy Theories


DeAnna Lorraine, ran for office last year in hopes of unseating House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, then joined Alex Jones’ InfoWars conspiracy network after losing in the primary. Now she says that her family has fully rejected her and she wasn’t even welcomed at her grandmother’s funeral.

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In the clip below, Lorraine tells right-wing broadcaster Stew Peters that she flew home for her grandmother’s funeral. However, she wasn’t greeted with warmth and hugs, but shut out, because she’s the only member of the family who isn’t vaccinated against COVID-19. She describes feeling that she was being treated as a “subhuman leper” and clearly blames her family’s views on vaccination for her rejection.

However, Lorraine’s own testimony shows that her problems with her family predate the COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccine rollout in the United States began in December of 2020, but Lorraine was operating a YouTube channel where she railed against masks, shutdowns, and other policies that were implemented to protect against the pandemic long before that.

In fact, last July — again, months before the vaccines were available — Lorraine was already complaining about her family rift, saying that she hadn’t seen them since Christmas.

“The loss of friends and family? I still haven’t seen my family since Christmas. They still won’t see me. And it’s hard…these are intelligent individuals, too.”

Despite crediting her family for intelligence over a year ago, Lorraine is happily faulting them for shutting her out, although their side, of course, hasn’t been publicly aired on podcasts and far-right talk shows. Still, it seems unlikely that her family was rejecting her for not getting vaccinated, months before the vaccine was even available.

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