Megyn Kelly and Dave Rubin Rip Demi Lovato


Megyn Kelly invited Dave Rubin to her podcast on Thursday, during which the two addressed advice Demi Lovato gave their followers last month.

In September, Lovato, who has come out as non-binary and whose pronouns are they and them, shared an Instagram post by former reality star and activist Vas Morgan.

“Be a slut. Show your body. Get naked. Have all the safe, different, consensual sex you want. Be Kinky. Masturbate. Make/watch porn. Make money,” it read, adding, “Just a reminder that being sexual is okay.”

Kelly and Rubin discussed the message on Thursday’s edition of The Megyn Kelly Show, the host revealing that she advises people do the exact opposite.

Kelly, incorrectly assuming this advice was meant exclusively for women, as neither Lovato or the person who originally posted the message identify as women, shared that the advice she gives to her friends’ daughters before they head to college is, “Don’t be a slut.”

“Don’t give it up so easily, you know, when you’re in a loving relationship, you go for it girl. But don’t give it up so easily because it leads you to feel bad about yourself and you’re not going to find the thing you’re looking for and I don’t think that women are built that way,” Kelly added, strongly implying that all women are built the same way and that she know’s what all women are “looking for.”

The host went on to hit at Lovato for telling their followers to “make/watch porn,” pointing to the negative affects some forms of pornography have on its consumers.

Using the wrong pronouns, Kelly went on to call Lovato a “terrible role model,” exclaiming that she is “sick of this bullshit.”

Watch above, via The Megyn Kelly Show. 

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