Tom Brady Gets Into Scuffle with Eagles’ Derek Barnett


The NFL seeks to protect its quarterbacks more than any other position, person or employee within the league outside of team owners.

It’s rare to see a quarterback take a hit, let alone make the first hit. But 44-year-old Tom Brady is wired differently than any quarterback in NFL history.

After two incompletions, followed by a long interception against the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday Night Football, Brady got into a scuffle with defensive lineman Derek Barnett. The long pick by Anthony Harris was essentially a punt return, allowing Brady and Barnett time to get physical.

Brady threw the first elbow, connecting with Barnett’s facemask. The defensive end retaliated with a multiple shoves, before Brady required offensive lineman Ryan Jensen to step in and clean up his mess. The broadcast pairing of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman had a good chuckle at the unconventional spat sparked by a lanky pass thrower.

But imagine the league uproar if Brady was the one taking an elbow to the facemask? The quarterback should face a similar fate, but the NFL has a history of being selective when it comes to holding people accountable.

The post-interception scuffle wasn’t enough to rattle Brady as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went on to beat Philly 28-22. For the first time in his career, Brady completed more than 80 percent of his throws while attempting 40 or more passes in the game.

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