Van Jones: Biden Has Stepped on a Rake, Fallen Down the Stairs; Dems ‘Looking over the Edge of a Cliff’




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When Joe Biden talks about furthering his agenda, “he steps on a rake and then he slips on a banana peel and then he falls down the stairs with some marbles and now people are looking at him in a negative light,” said CNN’s Van Jones.

Jones, a former Obama administration official, appeared on CNN to discuss Biden’s performance of late and he did not seem too impressed.

Below is a transcript, via Grabien:


CUOMO: “The numbers are down. The party is fighting with itself, over what should be easy wins. Are they connected?”

JONES: “Well, yes, I think that right now, the honeymoon is over. There was a moment where it’s like Trump’s – ‘Goodbye, Trump! Hello, vaccines! We’re so glad to see you, Joe Biden.’ That’s kind of how this year started. And then, he actually got stuff done. Don’t forget, you got 200 million Americans, who are vaccinated, right now. You got a trillion dollars that he was able to move out into the economy with the Rescue plan. He’s dealing with the coup attempt well. His Department of Justice is going after voter suppression. He’s doing a lot of good stuff. The problem is that he put himself in a position, where he made big, bold claims, about the rest of the agenda. ‘You think this great stuff that we did is good. It’s nothing! Wait until this summer, when you’re going to get all this other stuff!’ And then he steps on a rake, and then he slipped on a banana peel, and he falls down the stairs, with some marbles. And now, people are looking at him in a negative light. Now, can they recover? Yes, they can recover. If at this time, next year, if gas prices have come down, if cases are going down, jobs going up, you’re going to be in a different situation. But right now, the Democratic Party is looking over the edge of a cliff. And there’s a lot of fear and concern. And we’re – you’re not seeing that strong Joe Biden leadership that I think people were expecting to get stuff done, to get the next round of stuff done.”


Biden found himself in hot water earlier on Thursday after reports that he fell asleep during an event.

Human Events senior editor and former One America News reporter Jack Posobiec reported on Twitter that sources have told him Bien fell asleep at his nephew’s wedding this week.

“Biden fell completely asleep ‘chin-to-chest’ at his nephew’s wedding on Monday and when staff woke him up he would only eat a sandwich from Capriotti’s, per Pennsylvania worker at the event,” he said on Twitter.

“’ Asleep thru entire ceremony, and kept nodding off during the reception. Jill takes a stern, caretaker tone with him when he’s groggy. He decided he wasn’t going to eat what the chef had prepared and only wanted Capriotti’s,’” he reported his source as saying.

It is important to note that there has been no official confirmation of Biden falling asleep and The White House has not commented on the allegation.

Biden and first lady Jill Biden attended the wedding of his nephew Cuffe Owens as he tied the knot with reality TV star Meghan O’Toole King.

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