Shep Smith Shows 1st Video of Adorable 2-Headed Turtle


CNBC anchor Shep Smith introduced what he claimed was the first inside look at the two-headed turtle that lit up social media and news sites this week.

A 2-headed, 6-legged diamondback terrapin turtle — actually two conjoined turtles named Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen — took the internet by storm this week, with seemingly every news site tweeting out a snapshot of the adorable-or-nightmarish-or-both shell-dweller that was found in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

But on Friday afternoon’s edition of The News with Shepard Smith, the anchor told viewers that his network got a first inside look at the twins.

“Two heads are better than one, or so they say,” quipped Smith, then tossed it to CNBC’s Perry Russell for some tutelage on turtleage.

Russell spoke to Executive Director of the Cape Wildlife Center Zak Mertz, and asked him “You find yourself wondering what pronoun to use for it, they, them, when you’re describing a two-headed turtle?”

“This is the first for us. You know, we are trying our best to treat them as individuals,” Mertz said.

X-rays showed that the twins also have separate stomachs.

The Wildlife Center’s Dr. Priya Patel said the turtles are about the size and weight of a quarter at this point. She told Russel that “going forward, my biggest concern is quality of life. Do they have enough internal structure to be able to keep surviving like this?”

Watch above via CNBC.

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