Trump Supporters Shout ‘F**k Biden’ at Toddlers as President Visits Connecticut Playground


It can be said that Trump supporters have no class. It can also be said these people will stop at nothing to defend their idol, even though their idol wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot flagpole if he had the opportunity. These folks are seemingly unflappable about this and hit a new low Friday while President Joe Biden was visiting an adorable group of toddlers at a playground in Connecticut, Politicus USA reports.

Biden was on hand to promote his “Build Back Better” plan, a massive social and environmental spending bill, The Hartford Courant reports. And the supporters of former President Donald Trump were also there to be as obnoxious as they possibly could be. Including doing things like yelling “f*ck Biden,” in front of the children.

Apparently, there is no level too low for these people to step down.

The White House Pool Report, provided to PoliticusUSA noted:

“Some folks flying Trump flags (‘Trump Won,’ ‘F*ck Biden) waved hello outside the airport and filmed the motorcade with their phones. The large American flag at the bordering restaurant flew at half-mast. Other locals took pictures with their phones at different curbs, sans flags.”

“Around 50 more Trump supporters, with similarly expressive signage, gathered a street away from the center. They chanted, ‘F*ck Joe Biden. He’s not our President.’ They also shouted ‘Traitors’ as a coda while we walked inside.”

Biden entered the playground around 1:25 and was greeted warmly by the kids. As the president kneeled to talk to the kids, one youngster hugged him. Another, wearing a T-shirt sporting an American flag, pointed out parts of the playground for the president. Other kids stood elsewhere on the playground, with two holding a sign that read “‘Welcome Back Joe Biden,’ with painted handprints. The President took a picture with them. A hand-drawn poster spelling “Build Back Better” hung near the slide. Glitter, smiley faces, and pipe cleaners were attached,” according to the report.

“From the playground, the pool could still hear protesters chanting from the curb outside. More expletives. More yelling.”

I’m sure that parents who took their kids to meet President Biden are pretty outraged. It’s understandable since these nudniks ruined the occasion for these kids by yelling obscenities. These people have no credible grasp of reality and continue to claim without any rational or plausible evidence whatsoever that Trump won the 2020 presidential election. But yelling obscenities in front of children is really a new low, even by Trump supporter standards.

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