Watch 10 Year-Old Girl Put Anti-Mask Covidiot Parents In Their Place At Ohio School Board Meeting.


As most of us know, school board meetings in the U.S. have become a rallying point for MAGA.  Growing more contentious and in some cases violent, parents who believe science is evil and quote Facebook research have disrupted meetings all across the country.  But this young person you are about to learn about does not care about any of that.  She lives the risk everyday and points out that we need to figure out how to behave in public.

Before 10-year-old Kaylan Park stepped up to the microphone at the contentious meeting, she had watched other pro-mask speakers get interrupted by heckles and boos from people who oppose the district’s mask mandate. A couple of those opponents ended up walking out of the meeting in anger.

“It is super weird to be here because adults don’t think that their children should wear masks,” Kaylan said when it was her turn to speak. “…A lot of you guys are adults. You guys should be able to know that masks save lives.”  When some audience members voiced disagreement, Kaylan responded: “Can I please speak? Let me speak before you guys go off.”

But some audience members continued talking, which prompted Kaylan to say emphatically: “Please be quiet…It’s inappropriate that you guys can’t stay quiet.”

So as we can see here MAGA is fresh out of lines to cross.  All over the country we have found creepy so called adults harrassing children to take their masks off, including one absolute weirdo in NYC named Curtis Orwell talking to grade-schoolers through fencing.  But Kaylan Park does not worry about any of that.  She is on a mission to improve the discourse in this country and to help the common sense of basic science prevail.

And, basic manners.


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