Daily COVID death toll could reach 5.5 thousand per day by January 2022


 Daily COVID death could reach 5.5 thousand per day by January 2022 When I came across this projection I thought of Hannibal Smith from the A-Team and while Mr T may pity the fools, I don’t. Projections also show that by 1/22/2022 there could be over 1 million dead Trumpanzees. When you consider the fact that many parts of Trumpistan fail to honestly report COVID 19 cases number could be much higher.

Most of the deaths will be MAGAts of voting age. 1 million less MAGAts means one million MAGAts will be unable to vote. COVID deaths will remain steady throughout February but as we reach full herd immunity and the virus becomes endemic, we will see mostly COVID hot spots in rural areas of Trumpistan for perhaps years to come.

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