Prepare for “Crazy Transition of Power” – Sarah Huckabee Sanders knew Trump would cling to the doors of the White House


In a recent Fox News appearance, former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not want to even entertain how President Donald Trump would negotiate a “crazy transition of power” with his loss.

Fox News co-host Ainsley Earhardt said that some people were concerned about “non-peaceful protesting” after Election Day.

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Sanders, however, then dismissed even the possibility that Trump would lose.

When Sanders was asked if she thought Trump would cooperate with Dems on a “peaceful solution” in the event that Biden wins, Sanders shot down the possibility and wrongly predicted that Trump will be the victor “clearly and decisively.”

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Sanders also wrongly warned later in the interview that if Biden wins, “liberal mob chaos” will erupt in cities all over the country.

Sanders issued a warning for Fox & Friends viewers that if Trump were to lose, even though she believes he won’t, that a “crazy transition of power” upend the nation. Trump has frequently said that he doesn’t plan to simply offer his congratulations to his opponent in the event of a Biden win.

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In the Fox & Friends segment, Earhardt asked Sanders, “When you look at Seattle, Portland and see what happened to New York a few months ago with all the riots and non-peaceful protesting, many New Yorkers that I’ve talked to in this city are nervous and worried that if he does win, what’s going to happen?”

She continued, “Will people who voted for him be upset and will they be out there in a non-peaceful way? What do you recommend, if that does happen, does the president work with these Democratic lawmakers to come to some peaceful solution or is that even possible?”

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Sanders replied, again wrongly predicting the outcome, “I do think America will be in big trouble if Joe Biden wins the presidency because of the type of chaos and madness that we saw in Seattle and Portland and other places is the type of liberal mob chaos that will take place in communities across this country.

Joe Biden has shown he is unwilling and unable to stand up to the liberal mob. Donald Trump has proven time and time again not only is he willing to stand up to them, but he can actually defeat them, he did it in 2016, I’m hopeful that he can do it again in what will be a clear and decisive win on November 3 and we won’t have to worry about that crazy transition of power that could take place.”

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Sanders continued to hail the Commander in Chief: “The president remade the judiciary, rebuilt the military, defeated the ISIS caliphate, created historic tax cuts, trade deals like we’ve never seen before in every area of our country, in every demographic and every American is doing better under this president.”

Even though Sanders and Trump have stated multiple times that Islamic State militants are being “destroyed,” ISIS attacks are on the rise in Africa and other places in the last two years, according to recent reports.

Sanders said that Trump has made the lives of Americans “better off now than they were four years ago.”

When she was asked to explain how the Biden Harris ticket could lead to “socialism,” Sanders said that Democrats just want to see government take over every bit of their daily lives.

She said, “What America will look like under a Joe Biden presidency, we can either continue under the path of prosperity, safety and security under this president or we can go down the path of socialism under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris—that’s what Americans want.”

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