Female inventor Wins Award for Male Birth Control: A ‘Testicle Bath’ Device!


Germany’s Rebecca Weiss captured top prize at Germany’s coveted Dyson awards for an unconventional form of contraception that uses a “testicle bath” to prevent pregnancies.

*A “testicle bath” device has won the $45,000 prize at the James Dyson awards as a new innovative form of male birth control.

The contraceptive was created by recent industrial design graduate Rebecca Weiss who said she wanted to explore a new development for men. Titled “COSO,” the device is an “ultrasound-based, a reversible and hormone-free male contraceptive device for home use.”

It means the female egg cannot be fertilised by sperm during sex.

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COSO Testicle Bath
COSO Testicle Bath

The device is filled with water up to a certain limit based on testicle size. COSO’s website says the water must be heated up to a specific temperature and the user must “spreads his legs and sits down to place the testicles in the device.”

 Users simply need to use the device every few months for the contraception to take effect.

The hormone-free and reversible contraception, which involves putting the testicles inside an ultrasonic “bath,” must be used for the first time under doctor’s supervision and takes two weeks to take effect.

COSO’s contraceptive effects last a maximum of six months from the last time of use.

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