Harambe Statue Set Up Near Wall Street Charging Bull


Harambe Statue in NYC 1

Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Remember when Harambe was a massive internet meme? Well, apparently this is still a thing.

The gorilla killed in 2016 to save a three-year-old boy turned into a strange viral sensation, and now there is a seven-foot-tall Harambe statue facing down the famous Wall Street Charging Bull.

The statue was commissioned by Sapien Network, PIX11 reports, and 10,000 bananas were placed around the bull.

And no, the bull does not represent King K. Rool, but rather Wall Street greed.

10,000 bananas surrounded the iconic bull statue to illustrate how “bananas” Wall Street has become and show the disparity in wealth between the 1% and everyone else.

The bananas will be distributed to local food shelves across the New York area…

Sapien.Network believed the bronze statue of Harambe, contrasted with the bronze Charging Bull, represents millions of people who struggle under a system that enriches only the wealthy.

Harambe Statue in NYC 2

Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

This is not the first time the bull has faced a surprise opponent. A few years ago State Street Global Advisors set up the Fearless Girl statue.

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