Roger Stone Accuses Archdiocese of Miami of ‘Immoral Act of Fascism’ Over … Masks


Americans, generally, are pretty well-educated as to the law in the country and their rights. After all, part of “American Exceptionalism” (TM) is that we are a free people who came here to get away from the Church of England and by God – literally – we were going to have freedom of religion in this country.

If there is one aspect of the constitution everyone knows it is either freedom of speech or freedom of religion. (It is unfortunate that for many of us on the left, the prohibition against slavery is the most defining element of the Constitution). But with respect to religion, so long as no one is abused – such as “gay conversion therapy – the government stays out of church business and churches can require whatever they want.

If you decided to attend, “The Church of the Eternal Garden of Eden” and the church required that everyone enters naked (so long as no children were involved), the government wouldn’t have a problem with it, none. The church could say that they were trying to recreate “Eden,” here in 21st Century America, love it or leave it.

So when the Archdiocese of Miami decides that it is going to listen to the CDC and – for that matter – Pope Francis (who advocates masking and vaccinations), that is the diocese’s decision, period, end of the story. No one is forcing anyone to attend church in Miami. But if they do, the Catholic churches are requiring masks.

Well, up with this, Roger Stone will not put, and he is going to sue these immoral fascists out of their frocks!

Exactly how does Stone believe he can win this lawsuit? “Judge, can you give me an order that allows me to enter this private church property without wearing a mask?”

He may as well ask the judge, “can you give me an order that allows me to enter this private church property without wearing pants?”


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