Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Slams Catholic Charities for Giving to Migrants: They’re Supporting the Mob [VIDEO]


There are many issues where the Republican party and the Catholic church agree. As a result, Conservative talking heads expect any Christian church to support all GOP issues. That is not to say that all Catholics are Republicans. In fact, Joe Biden won the Catholic share of the vote with 52% compared to Trump’s 47% in 2020.

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Brian Kilmeade is upset that charities associated with the church has been giving aide to migrants seeking refuge in he US. In fact the Fox host says they are “supporting the mob.”

Kilmeade whined on Tuesday:

“So, I just want to know if the Catholic Church is OK, if the Catholics are OK giving money to organizations that are helping settle illegal immigrants in our country. I think we should be very transparent about these organizations too. You can have a big heart but you got to be an American first. If you’re playing a role with these cartels making money, by human trafficking, so once they get here they end up in a beautiful place like Syosset, Long Island. You have to sleep at night. I’m not too sure that these Catholic charities are thinking of the big picture.”

Steve Doocy weighed in to remind his co-host, “Well historically, the Catholic charities have supported migrants in the country for a very long time.”

After some back and forth, Kilmeade again complained, “It’s like supporting the mob. It’s like the Catholic Church said, ‘Well the children of the mob are helpful.’ But you can’t support the mob because the mobs does illegal — they’re illegal criminal activity. You’re supporting, in the big picture, illegal criminal activity.”

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