Internet is Laughing Hysterically as Eric Trump Tries to Explain Global Economics to Sean Hannity


Two days ago we reported on an otherwise anonymous MAGA wanna-be pol who sought to prove that the United States economy had gotten so bad under Biden (in just ten months) that there were literally bare store shelves in a picture that she tweeted: “Biden’s America.”

The fact that the picture had prices labeled in British pounds or Euros didn’t dissuade that particular MAGA. Until someone managed to tell her that Biden wasn’t president of the E.U. or U.K. and so maybe… she deleted the tweet.

So, evidently, this is a “thing” on the MAGA right, America’s shelves are empty.

News to us, though – yes, the pandemic has caused a global supply problem, but not severe here. We know we’re not calling COSTCO ahead of time to ask whether they had any four-packs of toilet paper. Additionally, we can’t go into any restaurant or business and not see a “We’re hiring!” sign, the economy itself can’t be that bad.

But Sean Hannity has a new “Joe Biden Is Bad” theme to sell and by god, he’s hawking it like popcorn at the fair. There is a supply problem in America (and, evidently, the world) and it means the end of the republic. So Hannity decided to get to the root of how Biden caused this supply problem (again, this had escaped our notice) and brought one of the world’s leading economists on the air to explain the complex dynamic, Eric Trump.

Eric quickly explained that empty shelves doesn’t… never mind. We’re not sure what Eric explained, something to do with Cuba, Venezuela, and Somalia. We don’t want to be too mean, so it’s worth noting that at least Eric looks a little calmer and… better “kept” than his brother during appearances.

Not that the staff at this site is very old, but we’re old enough to know that it’s not normal to continue to have adult children of failed one-term presidents on cable talk shows to explain the troubled economy. (But it’s not a cult). We suspect Mahlia Obama could provide a far more coherent answer and most certainly will during her inauguration address.

The net loved it:



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