Jonathan Isaac Blasts CNN’s Coverage of Covid and Joe Rogan


The Orlando Magic tip off their regular season schedule Tuesday night and forward Jonathan Isaac will be on the court, despite refusing the Covid vaccine. Isaac joined Will Cain on Fox News Monday night, to discuss his decision while blasting media outlets for pushing the vaccine.

“I feel there is a blatant miscarriage of information by the media has turned this thing so sour and it’s been politicized,” Isaac said. “And I see people and I’m standing with people who are deciding not to get it on the backs of freedom, giving people a choice, the religious freedom to choose what they want to do as our country was founded.”

NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently stated the league is entering the 2021-22 season with more than 96 percent of its players having received the vaccine. Isaac is among the dozen or so vaccine holdouts and has been one of the leading NBA voices against taking the jab. Unlike Kyrie Irving, Isaac has been more upfront about his stance against getting vaccinated.

“For me there aren’t scientific legal or to me moral grounds for the vaccine mandate itself,” Isaac told Cain. “I think when you have take into account the nature of COVID and the nature of the vaccine that doesn’t stop infection or transmission, the nature of natural immunity that hasn’t been talked about.”

“The polarization by the media that has created such distrust,” Isaac told Fox News, a network which has fueled vaccine hesitancy. “If this thing is just about protecting people and protecting the public health, why does CNN have to lie about Joe Rogan taking horse dewormer or why does Rolling Stone have to willfully misrepresent my position on vaccine or Covid?”

CNN mocked Rogan for taking ivermectin as a treatment for Covid last month, mostly referring to it as a horse dewormer and ignoring that much smaller dosages of the drug are also prescribed by doctors to humans.

Last month, Rolling Stone reported Isaac made his anti-vax decision after studying Black history and watching Donald Trump press conferences, an allegation the NBA forward has since denied. Rolling Stone spoke to Isaac for the story.

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