Kate Beckinsale Ended Up In The Hospital After She Injured Herself While Trying To Put On Leggings


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Last month Kate Beckinsale was rushed to the ER after fucking up her back in a Las Vegas hotel room. 48-year-old Kate had been in town for about a week shooting the movie Prisoner’s Daughter. Kate has since healed, and last night she went on The Late Late Show With James Corden to explain what happened. Kate reveals that she injured herself while putting on leggings and that the pain was worse than childbirth. Whoa, so random! My money was on trying to lick her crotch like a pussy.

James Corden brought up Kate’s health scare and asked her what happened. She said:

Well, having done eight or 900 action movies, I hurt myself putting on a pair of leggings in my hotel room.

James said that when he heard the story, he assumed Kate must have fallen off a building or something while shooting an action movie. Kate replied:

No, I didn’t, no. I was doing a very intense, emotional drama, and not running up walls or anything. I was in my hotel room putting on a pair of leggings, and it sort of felt like a sort of guitar string snapped. And everything was horrific. I mean, worse than having a baby bad, bad. And I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t lie down, I couldn’t sit down. I couldn’t do anything!

Kate says “we” (the cats?!) couldn’t figure out how to get her out of the hotel room and to the hospital. She was immobile. She explains:

Eventually an ambulance came and they sort of rolled out a sheet and picked me up in it like a sort of sausage, and put me on a gurney and then I went to hospital and was given a lot of drugs.

And I don’t drink at all, so I really found out what kind of a drunk I am fast. So did everyone else. And so I’m not a kind of, “Do you know who I am, have you seen all my films?” type. Which is a huge relief. So I’m really glad I’m not. But I am a “Everybody’s trying to steal my fucking ovaries.” 

Then Kate shrugged, and assured everyone that she’s “alright now.” So it sounds like her body has healed and nobody got their grubby little Dr. Death hands on her precious movie star ovaries. Phew!

Here’s what Kate posted on Instagram last month when she hurt herself:

And here’s the extremely necessary kitty cat content she posted yesterday. Looks like Kate’s back in fighting form:

You know, I’m actually surprised a simple pair of leggings was the thing to put Kate out of commission. Maybe the injury was her body’s way of giving itself a break from the constant glam, heels, and bodysuits. “Please, Kate, please! Put me in sweats, even for just a week! I’m so, so uncomfortable…” Sorry, Kate’s body, beauty is pain, pain is beauty!

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